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As a theorist, teacher, and artist, my interests symbiotically complement each other. By grappling with the specifics of media production practices, I continue to combine theory and praxis, academia and industry, and fiction with nonfiction to improve our media culture so that it is inclusive of all of us. As a member of the university faculty, it is my goal to train the next generation of media scholars and artists to voice their creative visions in the mainstream industry as well as independent operatives.

My pedagogical philosophy is based on two main concerns. First, I seek to combine theory and practice in both production and theoretical courses. For production courses, I teach students to be able to articulate their own creative work in a larger social and cultural context through readings and discussions related to production themes. I ground production courses with theoretical, intellectual, and aesthetic concerns so that they become exercises not only in how to deal with the technical details, but also to envision the bigger impact of those aesthetic choices for the greater social good. In other words, my students become socially engaged artists rather than merely professional technicians.




  • Nanyang Technological University, Associate Professor

  • Korea University, Associate Professor

  • San Francisco State University, Assistant Professor  

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