My pedagogical philosophy is based on two main concerns.

First, I seek to combine theory and practice in both production and

theoretical courses. For production courses, I teach students

to be able to articulate their own creative work in a larger social and

cultural context through readings and discussions related to

the production themes. For theoretical courses, I encourage students

to produce a creative project reflecting their critical concerns.

For example, if a student does a research project about “subjectivity

and representation,” she would produce an experimental video work

about representations of herself and others who are not related to

that student. In this way, students are exposed to the difficult question

of representation both in theoretical and practical levels.

As a media scholar, I am dedicated to educating our future media

intellectuals who will understand the importance of production

aesthetics as well as media practitioners who care about advancing the democratic potential of the media.




  • Nanyang Technological University, Associate Professor

  • Korea National Open University, Adjunct Professor

  • Kyungsung University, Lecturer

  • Korea University, Associate Professor

  • San Francisco State University, Assistant Professor

  • The University of Iowa, Graduate Instructor

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