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"The Return" (director, 96 min. 4K HD)


   - Asian Film Festival of Dallas (2018), Dallas, TX, USA

   - Ulju Mountain Film Festival, Ulju, Korea. Sept. 24, 2017.
  - Golden Zenith Award,  Winner in First Fiction World Competition, The 41st Montreal World Film Festival,

      Montreal, Canada. Sept. 4 2017.

  - Jeonju International Film Festival : JIFF (2017) - Korea Cinemascape

  - Official Recognition Statement on Artistic Achievement, Minister of Ministry of Culture, Sports, and

    Tourism, Republic of Korea. Governmental announcement to the whole nation to congratulate the

    achievement of “The Return” to receive Golden Zenith Award from Montreal World Film Festival.

    September 2017.

"Mira Story" (director/producer, 87 min. HD)

  - Seoul Eco Film Festival : SEFF (2014)

"Ari Ari The Korean Cinema" (director/producer, 110 min. HD)

   - Busan International Film Festival : BIFF (2011) - Wide Angle- Documentary Showcase

   - The 3rd Korean Film Festival in Bhutan, Thimpu, Bhutan. December 20, 2013.

   - The 3rd Paris Korean Film Festival, Paris, France, 2013.

   - The 13th Independent Documentary Film Festival, Seoul, Korea, 2013.
  - Silent River Film Festival, Irvine, CA. October 11-14, 2012.



"New Normal" (director/writer/producer, 2021, 8 min., 4K)

 - Vertical Movie Award Winner at the 4th Vertical Movie Festival, Rome, Italy, Sep. 17, 2021

 - Yatay Award Winner at the 3rd Yatay Festival Vertical, Graciela Carena Cultural Center, 
                                                                                                           Argentina, Nov. 26, 2021

 - Honourable Mention for Vertical Cinematography at Vertifilms Prague 2021, Prague, 

                                                                                                Czech Republic, Dec. 15, 2021

 - Official selection, Short Film program, 30th St. Louis International Film Festival 

                                                                                                 St. Louis, USA, Nov. 4-21, 2021 

"Like Me Like You" (director/writer/producer, 2021, 3 min., 4K).

 - Choong-moo-ro Film Festival, Seoul, Korea, Oct., 2021.

 - Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, Bucheon, Korea, July 11, 2021.

"Grief Over the Sewol Ferry Disaster" (director, 14 min., HD). The Sewol Ferry Film Festival,

                                                              Gwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul, Korea. April 16, 2015.

"The Secret of Hanji Craft" (director, 2014/2015, 10 min., HD).

   - New FIFMA programme at Empreintes, Paris, France. Sept. 12, 2017 – Aug. 31, 2018.
  - FIFMA Program at Singuliers Objects, Plessis Robinson, France. Dec. 09 – 10, 2017.

   - Revelation International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial 2017, Paris, France. May 4-8, 2017.

   - Revelation International Fine Craft & Creation Biennial 2015, Paris, France. May 3-8, 2015.

   - The 9th International Film Festival on Crafts, the Corum Congress Centre, Montpellier, France.

     March 7-9, 2014.

"Kismet" (director, 2013, 30 min., HD).
  Istanbul-Gyeongju World Culture Expo 2013, Istanbul, Turkey. August 31-September 22, 2013.

"Constancy and Change in Korean Craft Arts" (director, 2013, 60 min., HD). In Korean w/English subtitles.

   - Hidden Match ― An Exhibition of Korean Craft, National Museum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

                                 November 24 - December 23, 2013.  
  - Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, Taipei, Taiwan. November 21-24, 2013
  - Milan Design Week, the Triennale Design Museum, Milano, Italy. April 9 - 14, 2013.


"Searching for Seocheon" (director, 2012, 12 min., HD).
  - The Culture Days in Seocheon, Korea. October 20, 2012.

"Between Two Worlds" (director/producer, 1996/1998, 30 min., SD)

   - Asian American Encounters, Ambassador Books and Media,  New York City, NY. May 2006.
  - Erikson Institute Family and Culture, Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL. Feburary 2005.
  - Honored selection, BUDi2005 Busan Universiade for Digital Contents, Busan, Korea. May 2005.
  - Culture Pride Award and Invited as a key speaker. Williams College, Williamstown, MA. October 2004.
  - Honored selection, UC Davis Asian Pacific Film Festival, Davis, CA. May 2004.
  - Honored selection, 3rd San Francisco Korean American Media Arts Fest. San Francisco, CA. November 2003.
  - Asian American Studies, San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA. March 2002.
  - Korean Symposium, North Park University, Chicago, IL. October 1999.
  - VideoScape Asian American Video Showcase honoree. Asian Cinevision Video Showcase, New York 

    Public Library, New York City, NY. January 1998.
  - Korean American Film Festival, The New School, New York City, NY. April 1997           .
  - Rochester International Film Festival Shoestring Award, Rochester, NY. 1997.
  - Sinking Creek Film Festival Audience Award. Nashville, TN. 1996.



"The Job" (2006, April – June. 30 min., thirteen episodes, SD), Supervising Producer, Weekly magazine program,

       Broadcast on TVK-24, Comcast cable in Southern California, USA.

"Unfinished War" (2003, 50 min., SD), Co-Producer, In Korean. Public affair documentary. Aired on MBC 

       network television (National broadcast in Korea).

"Live! Good Morning!" (1997, 50 min., SD), Segment producer, In Korean. (Production in Cleveland),

       Daily morning magazine show for MBC network television (National broadcast in Korea).

"World of Musicals: A Documentary" (1996, 50 min. SD), Segment director, In Korean. (Production in New

      York City), bSpecial documentary for MBC network television. (National broadcast in Korea).

"1996! New Year Special" (January 1996, 2 hr., SD), Segment director, Special variety show for MBC network 

      television. In Korean. Live satellite broadcasting from WTN studio in New York City to Seoul, Korea. (National

      broadcast in Korea).

"WORLD:COMM" (1996, 30 min., three episodes), Director. Video recording, In English. PBS stations

  (syndicated national talk show - weekly), USA.

       Episode 1: “Why Media Literacy?”
      Episode 2: “Captive Audience or Audience Held Captive: Commercial Media in the Classroom”

       Episode 3: “Media Literacy in Action”


WORLD:COMM (1995, 30 min., three episodes), Producer. Video recording, In English. PBS stations 

   (syndicated national talk show - weekly), USA.

       Episode 1: “Music Business Trends”
      Episode 2: “Music in the Digital Age”
      Episode 3: “Popular Music: Censorship vs. Freedom of Speech”


WORLD:COMM (1994, 30 min., three episodes), Associate Producer. Video recording, In English. PBS

    stations (syndicated national talk show - weekly), USA.

       Episode 1: “Superhighway: Panacea or Pitfall”
      Episode 2: “Superhighway: The Competitive Edge”
      Episode 3: “Superhighway: Rules of the Road”







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